“HCB Calpe Fisio Lledó” is the specialised physiotherapy and rehabilitation Service of HCB Calpe Internacional.

The medical team of HCB Calpe Internacional and the team of specialized physiotherapists of the Lledo group unite in a new integral service for the total recupe­­­ration of the patient.

This team of physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists integrate into our Specialist centre and is made up of professionals of different areas such as sport, neurology, gerontology, infant and respiratory physiotherapy.

This new service relies on all of the necessary resources to recuperate the patient in the least amount of time and with the maximum guarantees. For this, they work with numerous techniques always adapted to each individual patient such as manual techniques, dry puncture, lymphatic drainage, osteopathy, podology and step study.

Additionally, in the new unit they work with techniques such as global postural re-education, Bobath concept, EPI and mechanical therapy (Mckenzie), amongst others.

In HCB Calpe Fisio Lledó the goal is to work towards the total recuperation of the patients and avoid relapses.


–       Manual Therapy

–       Massage

–       SGA

–       Eco guided EPI

–       ATM

–       Coordination, Balance + Muscular Potentiation and Proprioception

–       Dry puncture

–       Muscular Activation

–       Lymphatic Drainage

–       Kiniositape

–    RPG

–    Osteopathy

–    Analytical Stretches



Javier Lledó Cano

Macià Lledó Ronda

Oscar Ortiz Teruel

Alejandro Pérez Llodra

Enrique Sogorb Barcelo

Anastasia Zudina

Lledó Physiotherapy

The new collaborator of HCB Calpe Internacional, Lledó Physiotherapy, is a group of specialised physiotherapists who are strongly established in the Alicante province for over 45 years.





One of the principal values of the Lledo concept is the profound specialisation of each area through the specific and constant training of their principal specialists. A humane team made up by more than 15 certified and registered physiotherapists who update their knowledge each year to enrich and give constant validity in their line of work, implementing new techniques, studies and technologies in each case.