Podiatry HCB Calpe is the new Podiatry Service of HCB Calpe Internacional.

The new Podiatry service offers an integral treatment of the feet, by a young team who are in continuous training with the latest technologies and are integrated in a hospital environment.

The originality of the service resides in that, thanks to the continuous collaboration with the Podiatry and Foot surgery specialists of Hospital Clínica Benidorm and the numerous collaborations with technical providers and step and insole specialists, it is possible to offer new and varied solutions to the podiatry problems of the patients.

The Podiatry Service of HCB Calpe approaches the following subspecialties:

  • SPORTS PODIATRY UNIT. To treat elite sportspeople in order to achieve maximum sporting performance as well as improve and prevent harmful actions.
  • ORTHO-CHIROPODY UNIT. Branch of chiropody dealing with the study and treatment of the feet and the production of personalized orthopaedic material:
    • In-soles
    • Silicone interdigital prosthetics
    • Corrective splints
    • Skin disorders such as calluses and/or hard skin.
    • Treatment of papilloma or plantar verrucae.
    • Treatment of fungal infections of the skin or nails.
  • DIABETIC FOOT UNIT. Prevention and treatment of secondary symptoms of diabetes, such as ulcers.
  • Foot surgery. Treatment of the pathologies and deformities of the foot through MIS surgery (Minimally invasive surgery).
    • Bunions
    • Toe deformities, claw, hammer and mallet toe, inter-toe exostosis (abnormal bone growth in the toes)
    • Calcaneal spur and plantar fasciitis
    • Neuritis

This technique provides:

  • Quick and PAINLESS
  • Only local anaesthetic is used, which allows the patient to RETURN HOME ON FOOT.
  • DEFINITIVE SOLUTION, both aesthetically and pathologically.

The Foot Surgery Unit of Hospital Clínica Benidorm carries out their surgical treatments in the operating theatres of Hospital Clínica Benidorm.


the hands of the doctor examines the foot of a patient



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