“HCB Calpe Internacional” forms part of the chain of outpatient clinics of Clínica Benidorm with a structure based on their foundational model: personalised attention with international vocation, humane care, the latest technology and constant medical updates.

The company is based on the private health sector, set deep in the centre of the Costa Blanca for the past 30 years; it invests in a complete health infrastructure in an area of the Marina Alta which has spent years demanding complementary assistance services to those offered by the public health service.

In the centre of Calpe, especially designed for the diagnosis of patients and medical specialties, it responds to the patients and professionals of the Marina Alta with accessible services which allow the residents of the area to have at their disposal a private health care without delays or unnecessary costs or journeys.

The goal of HCB with this project is to bring the offer of private assistance to the national and foreign patients of the Marina Alta.

Following the mission and the values of the health company it forms a part of, Hospital Clínica Benidorm, in HCB Calpe Internacional the humane side of medicine is practised. The structure of interpreters and international staff of Hospital Clínica Benidorm is repeated on a smaller scale, achieving a friendly atmosphere between the patients and the medical staff.